Tips For Buying A Bike Online

Buying a BikeBenefits of Buying a Bike Online

If you plan to take up cycling or own one, you are definitely going to go shopping. You might have made up your mind about the type of bike to get, or you might be playing with the idea. Before you decide on buying a bike you must ask yourself some questions:

  • What style of bike do you want to ride, or what type have your friends advised you to get
  • What size of bike will suit you?
  • Do you plan to ride just for fun and exercise or do you plan to compete?
  • How much do you plan to spend?
  • How often will you take it for a spin and in what conditions (on road/off road/ both)?

There is a huge debate among cyclists over the pros and cons of buying a bike from the local store versus online. There are so many decisions that need to be made on buying a bike. What size of bike will suit you? Do you want one with or without gears? What type of saddle will suit you? What accessories will you require? Etc.


If you are new to biking, then you need to get help and going to the local retail store for your first bike would be a good option. You can ride the different bikes; get a feel for them and then decide which one suits you. But if there is no local bike store you will need to buy it online.


If you are an avid biker and know all about bikes then you should opt to buy from an online store. Because online stores will have more choices and the prices will be cheaper than compared to that of the local cycle shop. Bikes can cost from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Therefore, investing in one has to be taken seriously as you don’t want to go wrong, and end up buying a bike that doesn’t suit you at all.


You can get all the help on frame materials, frame geometry, wheel frames, fixing bikes, bike parts and accessories from the internet. You should also read all the literature you can get your hands on repairing and maintaining bikes.


Some clear advantage that you get by buying a bike and bike parts online is that bikes and parts of all makes and models are available online. Secondly, the prices are cheaper. A third advantage of buying a bike online is that some stores offer a return policy. If you don’t like the bike, parts or accessories that you receive, you can return them and ask for a replacement. Plus, you get the freedom of browsing and choosing from a wide selection; something that you won’t find at your local bike store.


buying a bikeWhere to Find the Finest Cheap Bikes

Not too long ago, any person will find it practical to invest a lot of cash in purchasing a high-quality, completely-featured bike, the bicycle that can operate efficiently and last for very long even with heavy duty use. While that kind of bicycle may still not be as expensive as a vehicle payment, a considerable amount of investment may be needed to purchase the perfect unit for you, as well as the components and safety equipment needed.


These days, however, you will find a strategy for finding the perfect cheap bikes easily. By buying a bike on a reputable web-based bike seller, you could finally purchase a well-made bike from the latest selections of leading suppliers.


Online stores may give a huge markdown for each product they sell because of the advantages of having a web-based venture: lessened overhead costs and also the lesser demand for middle men (who accrue the value of every single product every time it goes through their hands). All these financial savings are now transferred by major sellers to customers as a way to develop and grow their clientele.

buying a bike

The following are some more reasons why buying a bike on the internet help you locate your best two-wheel drive:


  • More great choices to choose from – You might have your choice of the greatest bicycles in the moment since the majority of recognized online businesses will have a large choice of both house brand bikes and bicycles coming from top companies from all over the globe.


  • Great costs – As stated, online shops have less operating expenses-no business space for lease, a group of personnel to employ, and also no middle men to think about. What you’ll get is the best price right from the primary manufacturer or supplier.


  • Green procuring method – If you’re shopping online, you really don’t have to use gasoline for travel to and from the brick-and-mortar bicycle shops and also commercial locations. You can conveniently purchase straight from your residence-simply don’t forget to disconnect everything when you’re done!


  • An even more educated buy – When you’re purchasing on a local bike shop, it’s your innocence (ignorance?) versus the educated and professional sales pitch of the store agent. Relate this to purchasing on the internet wherein every claim you see could be validated or perhaps questioned with only a short hop on the internet for research. You’ll be well informed with regards to the attributes you should look for, the suggested store costs, or the added accessories necessary, leading to a more intelligent purchase.


Tips For Finding & Buying A Bike

Do you know where to start when you’re trying to buy a bike? Maybe a friend of yours recommends getting a certain bike, while another biking buddy insists that his bike is the best choice for you. Who do you listen to? How about neither? You need to relax and figure out your preferences and priorities to find out which would be the best bike for you. Try to consider these points when you pick out your new set of wheels.


Your Riding Style

Ask yourself why you want to ride. Do you want to ride for exercise? Is speed your thing and you want to feel the thrill or the sport of it? What are the places you’re going to ride to? Will you ride through city streets or back road trails? It will be easier for you to choose the kind of bike you need once you define your style of riding.


There Are a Variety of Bike Options Available. The following are the most popular of bike styles.


Mountain bikes for men and women

When buying a bike, especially a new mountain bike, they can be expensive so it is important to understand the difference in men and women’s mountain bikes. Usually the signs who the bike is designed for are quite obvious, such as colour and design. But sometimes the differences are not as obvious, so take care when choosing a new mountain bike.


You can take these bikes off the road because they’re durable. In order to easily navigate the hills, the tires are fat, and handlebars comfortably wide, and the gears are low.

Men’s Mountain Bikes

Men’s mountains bikes will have a complete design, and geometry of the framework. Usually mountain bikes for men are built around taller and heavier builds but not necessarily a larger frame. Men tend to like to ride bikes around 17-18 inch frames for cross country and between 11-15 inch for street riding.


If you are riding cross country the top tube of a man’s bike is slightly longer than a female bike, but if you are riding street then the bike will have a short top tube as well as a short wheel base. Bikes for men have changed rapidly over the years not only in design to meet demand but also the materials that they are engineered from.


buying a bike

Women’s Mountain Bikes

Bikes for women may not look that different compared to men’s bikes today. Women’s bikes have always been designed around comfort and are of course designed around the average smaller build of a lady.


As bike designs have changed so much women’s bikes have changed the most. MTB’s for ladies used to have the massive saddles, small handle bars and swooping top and down tube. Of course, you can still purchase this type of design of bike for ladies but today’s bikes look very similar to men’s bikes and it is very difficult to spot the difference between two professional bike setups.


Major purchase mistakes and effects

The most important thing to remember when you are buying a bike is to do your research before parting with your money. Get measured up for it correctly and also purchase a mountain bike magazine to see what they would recommend and what some of the pros are riding and their set ups.


Going back to sizing, if you are planning to use it a lot if your bike is uncomfortable to ride it may cause of a lot hassle. It may start causing you pain to ride, back pain is the most common especially in the lower region. One more problem that may arise is are the shoulder area if handle bars are too wide this may also cause it to be uncomfortable when riding. So, getting measured and fitted out for mountain bikes is very important and should be a major part of your research before choosing a new one.


What are Road Bikes?

These bikes would be great if what you’re planning are pavement riding and long rides. Speed is what these bikes are built for and they have thinner tires and handlebars and are lighter in weight.

buying a bike - best hybrid bike

What are Hybrid Bikes?

In this bike, the features of the road and mountain bikes are combined. Hybrid bikes are perfect for those who want to experiment with all styles of riding.


What are Cruisers?

With this bike, there’s generally one speed and it’s constructed for just cruising around.


Comfort Bikes

This specialty hybrid or mountain bike offers softer seats and more upright riding. For riders who want more comfort in their ride, this is the bike that is essentially designed for them.


Size is Important

Some bike models offer up to eight different sizes. Measure your inseam to determine the right size for you and this will determine the right size frame in terms of stand over height. The right fit is important, just like a pair of jeans.


Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask advice about what you don’t understand, such as quick release, bike maintenance, what kind of equipment you need, etc. When you know what you need to know, it can make difference between easy and not so easy riding. You Should


Buy the Bike You Like

Take even the smallest details into consideration when buying a bike. how it rides, size, how it looks, color–everything. After all, it’s your set of wheels–ride it proudly. 

buying a bikeGoing to buy a BMX Bike? Some Things to Consider First!

Customer can choose from dozens of reputed brands that are available when they decide to buying a bike. The websites of these brands will help you find the stores that are available near you place. You can also choose to call the dealer to find if they have the particular model that you liked in stock.


Visit the website of the leading brands that are available for current information about their models. You can also visit these sites to check the accessories that are available along with the bike.


If you are unable to decide from the various models that are available, you can choose the comparison tools that are available on these sites to help make a decision. Features, different models and price are listed in these tools. You can look at the specifications of the leading models that are available side by side and choose the option that fits your budget and other requirements.


There are usually eight different frame sizes that are available and you can make the choice depending on your height and inseam. Certain models are also made specifically for men and women.


Your style of riding should determine the size of the wheel. Choose a smaller size for riding on the street and a bigger size for racing. The seat height should be right so that you can ride in comfort. You can try different seat sizes for this purpose.


Weight of the bike should also be taken into consideration before making the choice. If the weight is light, it would be easy to maneuver. Most of the BMX bikes that weigh in the range of 22 – 30 lbs. are considered light. You would keep all these factors in mind when you buy BMX bike of your choice.


When you do a test ride of the model you like, it should be easily maneuverable. You can also ask the dealer to make small adjustments to your bike like adjusting the seat or the handlebars. Most dealers offer amazing discounts and gifts on the purchase.


You can use the Internet to read reviews about the various brands that are available and this will help you gain awareness about the unique feature of each model. Mongoose BMX bikes is one of the leading brands that is available and you can check their website to choose the best model.


Choose the right accessories when you buy your BMX bike as it will help you stay protected. Helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads will help prevent injury. Apart from this a repair kit that helps you fix any small problem would be considered essential with the purchase.


Most dealers also provide the option to customize the bike as per your specifications so that you can sit and ride comfortably. It would be best to avoid cheap bike models as they will not be safe to ride. You might actually end up losing more money when you opt for these cheap models. Find a bike shop in your area and buying a bike of your choice.


buying a bike

What to Look for When You’re Buying a Bike

When it comes to buying a car you’d never consider purchasing a second-hand vehicle without viewing and researching it first. The same goes for buying a bike. For safety reasons it always makes sense to know what you’re buying, so you can avoid hurting yourself or others.


Below is a useful guide as to what checks you can make when viewing the second hand bike of your dreams.

Rust is a major warning sign when looking to buy anything mechanical. If the rust is severe enough it can not only look bad, but it can also damage the structural integrity of the bike. Look over the bicycle thoroughly and make sure the chain and moving parts are all well maintained, as sprockets can be expensive to replace. Remember, if it’s covered in rust it’s most probably been left out in all weathers and has not been properly cared for.


Tires are the easiest thing to spot. Check for excessive wear or a flat tire, these can be a pain to replace and it also means you won’t be able to ride it home!


The brakes are quite possibly the most important part of your bike. If they’re jammed or badly worn these will need replacing straight away. Also a jammed brake system is not only ineffective, but if left unnoticed could leave you in a dangerous situation when riding.


Front Forks:
If the bike you’re viewing has front suspension check that it moves smoothly and doesn’t jam. If so it could need some oiling. Bent forks could be a sign of a previous crash, check for cracked paint and any unusual bends.


The steering on your bicycle is also vitally important. Bent, lose or rigid steering are all dangerous warning signs. If you notice any of these attributes, ‘steer’ clear as you won’t be able to control the bike effectively.


Take It For a Service:
Even if your bike looks to be in good condition it’s best to take it to a reputable bike shop or bike store that can provide you with a full service. Having a professional look over the bike for you can give you a great piece of mind, and they may even spot something you didn’t.


Online you can find some great fixie bikes and cheap bicycles. Just remember these 6 handy tips!


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